Top 5 Storage Racks and How to Differentiate on the Basis of their Properties
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Top 5 Storage Racks and How to Differentiate on the Basis of their Properties

  • By: sksteel
  • 2022-08-11
Top 5 Storage Racks and How to Differentiate on the Basis of their Properties

Storage racks widely known as storage racking systems are sturdy structures that hold or store various goods. S K Steel Products is one of the leading Storage Rack Manufacturers in Delhi. There are various benefits and applications for our storage racks. They are utilized to provide organized storage space in Aerospace, Appliances, Beverages, Chemicals, Hardware, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution centers, Warehousing facilities, and several other industries.

Different Types of Storage Racks

There are many different types of storage racking configurations that can be considered depending on the storage needs of the industry. Our company is ranked among the top Metal Storage Rack Suppliers in India

Heavy Duty Racks in Delhi

Heavy Duty racking systems are used to store and manage big and hefty goods maximizing the available floor space. They are industrial furnishing items that are specially designed to carry bulky loads effectively. Our company is the top Heavy Duty Racks Manufacturers in Delhi. A wide range of goods can be accommodated on heavy-duty shelving, which also offers direct access to every item. These shelving systems are strong and safe to use and they require minimum maintenance. Another great quality about these racks is that they adapt to the different storage configurations of the warehouses. Heavy-duty storage systems utilize unused vertical spaces for providing additional space. 

Laboratory Furniture in Delhi

The furniture is specially designed to be used in laboratories of research centers, educational institutes, healthcare establishments, food manufacturing labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. We are one of the best Laboratory Furniture Suppliers in India. Our team of professionals uses the latest technologies to produce these ergonomic pieces of furniture. A wide range of lab furnishing items is availed according to the needs and preferences of various laboratories. 

Mezzanine Floor in Delhi

An intermediary level or platform built between the main floors of a warehouse is known as a mezzanine flooring system. Our company is the major Mezzanine Floor Manufacturer in Delhi. They can be easily dismantled or relocated to another place without any hassle. Mezzanine floors are most commonly used in warehousing facilities, distribution centers, and manufacturing units. This flooring system enhances the storage capacity and increases the productivity of the establishment. 

Cable Tray in Delhi

Cable trays are mechanical assembly units that support insulated electrical wires and conductors. If the wiring systems constantly need to be updated, they are the best storage system that can be installed. They are the perfect solution for cable management in commercial and industrial structures. Cable trays offer additional security and efficient cable management. Aluminum and stainless steel are the commonly used materials for producing these high-quality trays. They act as a bridge for distributing cables and protecting them from getting overheated. 

Slotted Angle Racks in Delhi

Slotted angle racking systems are essential to increasing the available storage space in warehousing facilities. They are specially designed for bearing medium-weighted to bulky goods. Our company is the best Slotted Angle Racks Manufacturers in Delhi. Several commercial and industrial establishments widely utilize these racking systems to store products. The best thing about these storage configurations is that they are long-lasting, convenient to install, and require minimum maintenance. 

Storage racks make the most of a facility's available space. The racking systems efficiently save floor space while allowing unrestricted access to the stored goods. The team of design experts in our company is dedicated to fulfilling the distinct storage requirements of various industries.